About Awardzee:

Are you a small business that deserves recognition for your efforts? A PR firm that needs to get a client some obscure award? From Inc. Top Workplaces, to the South Central Phoenix Junior League Marketing Association Awards, Awardzee is here to help. We list awards by region, category, and type, while offering deadlines, contact information, fee questions, and blurbs for every award. Enough Googling “National Marketing Award Deadline” - we’ve done the hard part for you.

Our Team

Nick Pennebaker:

Nick is the Co-Founder of Awardzee. Growing up, he one day aspired to be a Justice on the Supreme Court. After he realized how much work that would be, he decided to attend the University of Kansas and major in Political Science instead. In order to waste his education and ensure a life of not being rich, he decided to pursue a career path in Marketing and PR.

Patrick Stout:

Patrick is the Co-Founder of Awardzee. He attended the University of Texas and double majored in Math and Computer Science. Deciding that was too easy, he received his masters from Texas A&M University in more computer stuff. Patrick doesn’t have a LinkedIn or Facebook account, but does post twice per year on both Instagram and Twitter.

Our Story:

Wow - you’re actually going to read this? Okay then. Nick and Patrick attended high school together and always toyed with the idea of starting a business.

  • 2006: Government/Politics Fun App! Eh, lots of work.
  • 2010: Avoid Realtors and find properties on your own! We could, but other stuff is happening.
  • 2013: Get alerted when your friend is arrested! Already exists.
  • 2014: Get drunk at sushi and decide that Awardzee is reasonable.
  • 2016: Ugh let’s just do Awardzee already. And we did!